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I am Barnala...ਬਰਨਾਲਾ बरनाला


I am Barnala, situated in Sangrur District of Punjab state in India. Mypopulation is somewhere about 2 hundred thousands. Some people made websites on me, but over a period of time, these got dropped.

Now I am here to tell more aboutmyself. I have a lot to tell, but dont know from where to start, how tosummarise and how to conclude. So the information presented about me might be alittle bitmessy, but anyway, it will be coming straight from my heart, and may be ofinterest to you.

My sons and daughters are livingprobably all over the globe. I want information about all of them. Where theyare living, how they are progressing, are they well etc etc. Lacs ofpeople  (unofficially, about two lacs) from all religions live here. Some are good, someare bad.  I am mother to them, so all are good to me. Love them or hatethem, but they are my children, my blood, so I am not going to utter any badwords against them.

Sadar Bazar, Handiaya Bazar,Pharwahi Bazar are three main markets here, which are in the shape of a perfectmatrix. These markets with many by-lanes in them, are perfectly in 90 degreesangel. I have one quila mohalla. It houses old buildings, but still no muddyroads, no drainage problem even in worst of rains inside quila. Now I have got somenew colonies, such as Gobind Colony, Lakhi Colony etc. These are calledcolonies, but nothing planned in them, nothing systematic. Richest of personslive there, notwithstanding.

Perhaps I am the only city inIndia, which is having Additional Sessions Judge despite it being not adistrict.. A distinction, which does notfind mention anywhere. It is the hometown to Surjit Singh Barnala, who isgovernor of Tamilnadu these days. He got good relations in India's Who's who.Sometimes he is too frank. Ardent fond of paintings. He wrote : "Jad meingharon bhajjeya". His house (known as Barnala's Kothi) is situated nearCourts Chowk on Bajakhana Road. It is a fort like place. His wife, Mrs SurjitKaur Barnala (yes, she shares her name with Sardar Barnala) is also apolitician. Son Mr Gagandeep Singh is MLA of Dhuri. His old kothi is situatednear Jaurian Chakkian (near to Janda Wala Road).

I am situated in District Sangrur,so I am a part of it. I am probably much more developed city than Sangrur. Onindustry front, I got some big organisations such as Trident Group, MalwaCotton, Geeta Threads etc. Two leading combine manufacturers of India, StandardCombines, and Balkar Combines are in Handiaya village, which is about 5 kms fromhere. I have bank branches of HDFC and Bank of Punjab, besides having SBOP, SBI,P&SB, IOB etc. 

Some of my roads are reallydusty. I have one road, which is known as Katcha College Road (my natives feel comfortable in calling it K.C.Road). A few years ago, whenever the road ofK.C.Road laid, telephone department people and others were quick to dig it againfor cabling or other purposes. Now God has graced me with a fine road (but notso fine, thanks to uneven constructions and less powerful drainage system). Godbless telephone exchange. 

I have many educationalinstitutes. Sacred Heart International College of Education, S.D.College, S.D.College of Education, S.D.College of Pharmacy, LBSArya Mahila College, Guru Nanak Nursing College, Gandhi Arya High School, SacredHeart Convent School (2 schools exactly in the same name),  MotherTeacher Preparatory School, Govt High School for Boys are a few to mention.  I am having 4 Art& Craft colleges here. I have one school for Deaf & Dumb children.Barnala got District's first slimming centre at K.C.Road in the name of PersonalTouch Slimming Centre.

I have many religious places.Geeta Bhawan, Gurudwara Nanaksar, Gurudwara Pargatsar, Shiv Mandir (aka Stationwala mandir), Mandir Baba Geeti Wala, Shiv Math (near Sekha Phatak),  Maseet etc. Tuesday evening is a rush time forGeeta Bhawan. People come here and distribute parshad (badaana)(desi gheebadaana is more preferred). I have been popular for my 'Sahit"(literature) too. Mr Ram Sarup Ankhi, Mr Om Parkash Gasso, Dr Pritam Singh Rahi,Dr Amar Komal, Pawan Parinda all live here. Mr Ankhi's son, Kranti Pal, is in Aligarh MuslimUniversity. According to Pawan Parinda, "Injh bhi honi see dariawan naal,khaa javegi apni hee ret ik din...".

I dont have much of socialorganisations here which may be really working for benefit of people. People arenot aware of eye donation. The persons who are interested in eye donation dontknow the procedure for it nor they are sure about the genuine use of the same.Blood Donation Camps are organised off and on, but the blood goes to blood banksof CMC or DMC. There should be some sort of system that volunteers of blooddonation register their names somewhere and whosoever needs blood, he should beable to contact such volunteers.  I have Lions Club, Lions ClubBarnala Supreme, Lions Club Barnala Harmony, Rotary Club etc. Barnala ClubBarnala, which was earlier known as Sports Club, is becoming too popular amongthe people. Recently a dinner was hosted to Vice Chancellor of PunjabiUniversity, Patiala at Barnala Club Barnala. 

Math teachers in Barnala are afew, but many of them are Sat Pals. One of them is Mr Sat Pal Mittal, whose homeis near Parbhat Cinema. Another Sat Pal is in Ahata Narain Singh. One Sat Palwas Backside Dhani Birbal Kaarkhaana (he has shifted to some other city). AllMath teachers, with the name Sat Pal, are quite popular here. So if you wanna bea Maths Teacher, changing your name to Sat Pal may be beneficial.

I dont have much places forentertainment. Parbhat Cinema and New Palace Theatre both have already closeddown. In September 2005, Magician O.P.Sharma had shows in New Palace. A newcinema in the name of Raj Cinema, near Trident Complex has come up. But I thinkthey are just a small cinema. For food, earlier people used to go to Handiaya atNational Dhaba or Punjabi Dhaba. Khurmi's malai-methi is much talked about. Now a number of restaurants have opened inBarnala viz. Visit Restaurant (Pure vegetarian), Midway, Ghazal, Paradise (kajucurry of Paradise is good)  etc. Midway (they put too much dhaniya in daalhaandi), Ghazal, Visit (they have made two partitions, one for restaurant topublic and another for functions) are having hotels also now. The engineers and otherpersons who come to Air Force Station from abroad, for installation of somemachinery etc, did stay in Midway and Visit. A few years ago, Ramesh Coffee House,Opposite Parbhat Cinema was very popular, especially for its golas. In sweetshops, Kundan Sweets, Jagdish Sweets, Sadhu Sood  are quite popular. Bollywood,  NewBombay,  Sahil Hair Dressers are popular for hair dressing. Many haircutting saloons have been airconditioned now. If you go to Bollywood, he usuallyfrees his customers after an hour or more.  If someone goes for shave, hewill apply too many things on the face, the customer feels a fear within that hewill charge about Rs 50, but to his pleasant surpirse, he never demands morethan Rs 10 for a shave. People still are buying shoesfrom Poonam Boot House, Janak Boot House, CM Piarey Lal Agencies (Vishal Jindal,the soft-spoken person there). In clothes,Kaur Sain Jagan Nath, Sansari Lal Vijay Kumar, Shubham Readymade, Krishan ChandBhagwan Dass are popular. For TV, refrigerator and other electronic appliances,names of Goyal Sales, K.K. Electronics, Kamlesh Electronics come to mind. 

Punjab, Bansal, Navchetan, N.B.,Mehra Book Depot are popular book shops. Navchetan specialises in college books,Punjab Book Depot is in school books. Students often visit Navchetan for otherthings also such as depositing form in any university, getting migrationcertificate from university etc.  Any special item where you want to have awide variety, will prompt you to visit to Mehra Book Depot. Rakesh Mehra ofMehra Book Depot is a sweet-natured and intelligent young man, who is alwaysinterested in bringing special stationery products in the city. Navchetan (knownas Bansi) is a busy man, making a lot of calculations. If you buy two books ofsay, 32 and 27 rupees, he will add up the amounts in his mind, then on his slippad, then on calculator, then will recheck the figures, then he will put your100 rupees note in his cashbox, then again he will calculate manually, in mindand on calculator as to how much is to be refunded. Only then he will be handingover you rupees 41. He dont want to take any chances for mistake. Bansi ishard-working pesonality of the city. He usually shut down his shop at around11.30 p.m., sometimes even later than that. So in case your are a stubborn andvoracious reader and you feel the necessity of  a book at  midnight,you can visit him and select your book. Now just adjacent to Bansi's shop isUniversal Book Depot, which is being run by Kamal Sharma.  Punjab BookDepot's Harish and Satish both are persons of accommodating nature. Satish is also pressreporter for daily Ajit (Hindi). N.B.'s Ranjit Singh is a nice man too.

I got many Chartered Accountants.Surinder Mohan Garg is probably the first practising Chartered Accountant ofBarnala. Balraj, Sunil, Rahul, Manoj Garg, Pardeep Goyal, Rakesh, Pankaj, Umesh, Sushil are also prominentones. If you want apply for Permanent Account Number, filing eTDS return, youneed to visit Pankaj. Sunil & Rahul are names for Project Consultancy andSubsidies. Some CAs of Barnala are practicing / employed outside Barnala.

Some of my families(approximately 200)  are living inDelhi. Ranjeev Singhal, a Barnalvi, published a directory of all such familieslisting their contact addresses and phone numbers. Ranjeev hasreally done a marvellous job and I am happy that he has taken so much pains forthe benefit of my families. Well done, Ranjeev. Your work should inspire others too.,,   Updated on : 10 Feb 2006